25 noiembrie 2009


A happy smile for you! :)

I'm so damn happy. Two of my friends succeeded, another one is happy because of some good facts that happened to him, and I’m happy for them. Isn’t it good?
I got a free week to do whatever I want. Certainly I’ll go to the countryside, to see my grand-parents, my best friend and spend some time in my favorite way.
There are so many things changing in my life now, that I really don’t know how am going to get used to them. But I’m trying to do my best, and on the surface it works.
Another thing that I want to write about is Mr D. I’m really worried regarding him, because he’s in trouble and I don’t know why. I guess I got to try to find out on my own, ‘cause nobody knows what happens to him.
I want to mention that I’m really proud of myself these days [not gonna tell you why] and I realized that I’ve done some mistakes weeks ago and now I solved them. It’s really annoying to observe that things go wrong, but it feels sooooo good to see that things are becoming better from day to day.
So that’s it. I’m a happy girl, in a happy world. [I guess]. Peace!

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inteligenta schema sa-ti scrii id-ul aici=)...tineresc, n-am ce zice...

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si daca da cineva add?ce?nu am ignore?