27 iulie 2009

Real friendship kills the death!

That part of your life came, but you're not ready! My friend, nobody knows that you're suffering so much...Why don't you tell us? Why do you prefer to keep the pain deep hidden in your heart? They can't help you...the truth is that nobody could do something. But we can listen to you. That moment came and I think that you should realise how much your friends care. Forget about all dirty jokes we've done to you! Real friendship means more than broken glasses and tooth paste on the face! You know we love you and the only reason we've done it was to keep you laughing. Don't try to hide behind a tree, you're to close, my friend, we'll find you, and it won't be so beautiful if you don't tell us. The most important thing from all around the world is called 'trust'. So do trust us! Because we trust you.
I know what's your problem. You don't want us to suffer. But how can you think that we can be happy for you're problems, when you don't tell us any of your mistakes, regrets or any other shit that happens to you!
It's not fair that I'm the only one who knows it! We must be like an only person, we must means I for us.
Go to them and say: I'm sorry guys, I know I've told you many lies about me and my mood, but I don't know how to say it...I'm gonna die.
We so fucking love you, dude! You are important to us! Believe me! And you don't have to leave this world sad, because here we are! And we'll be with you forever!

5 comentarii:

Stefann spunea...

Umm, cand nu ne-am vazut ultima inceput sa ..delirezi? Hai p'afara intr-o zi.

Anonim spunea...

mi-a palcut postul, chiar meriti un 10 :D

polly spunea...

Stefan cu doi de n: nu. okey:)
alexxutzu: ms:"> :)

Tia spunea...

sunt miruna.
imi place cum scrii draga mea

Anonim spunea...

tocmai ti-am dat un premiu :d check