22 februarie 2010

Romantica din mine...

Intr-o zi frumoasa, am primit ca tema la engleza-literatura sa compunem o poezie romantica. Si mi-a iesit asta:
His colorfully consistency appears
Above the lake, reflected by the sun
Because the cold rain that disappears
Brings us a short minute to run
Alone we feel a gorgeous fever
Waiting for the dark to come
Because of his love I feel a shiver
And I know it’s only one
One moment, and the rainbow’s back
We love each other there
The night is gone, the same for dark
The lights appear ‘mon cher’
For now and then, he holds my hand
The field is crying for me
From the clouds he seems to land
For ever, us to be
To end this part
From all my heart
By the rainbow I swear
I love you, ‘mon cher’ !
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2 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

asta e asa ca sa ma oftici ca eu nu sunt in stare sa fac o poezie :)))

Polly spunea...

a fost o chestie constructiva. ai reusit sa faci poezia. :)